Styles and set (240 styles + PCM)
    for KORG pa700, pa1000, pa4x - demo:

Styles  and set (220 styles and set)

for KORG pa500/800/300/600/900/pa2-3x - demo:


All styles (and sounds,pad,sts) created  by me

on korg pa500,600 and 700 since a few years.

Styles are complete-have all variations,intros,

endings,fills, count in, break,

 with ready sts (keyboardset),pad,effect.

The set with styles contains my  user sounds,

pad,sts,keyboardset (performances),

loaded to user banks.

The styles  use factory sounds

but also mine -from user banks.

Set (pa700-pa4x) contains my samples/PCM (126 MB)

- drum+fx, vocals sample, synths etc.

I also send  chords for styles (text file) and instruction

how to save yours and load my data.


     I send files via e-mail -zip  file

    (styles and set  and instructions)


I don't sell single styles-just  complete set

(each one style use my sounds,pad,keyboardset,

PCM from complete set)

 Please read the information, styles list carefully
and watch the presentations of styles
because I don't accept any returns


All Styles and set

you can buy with  PayPal

Styles for Korg pa700,1000,pa4x


240 styles & SET (PL+eng songs)- 50 EUR 


170 styles &SET (english songs)- 46 EUR 


Korg pa500,300,600,800,900,pa2-3x:


220 styles and set - 33 EUR 


More info:

email :

phone: +48 662502747